Have A Wonderful Summer, Rams Community

While the year’s end seems impossibly far away when we start the first day of school, it inevitably arrives with a speed akin to a F1 race car in a tight corner (I may be a slight F1 fan…)!

Congratulations to our grade 8s who are heading off to the next chapter in their lives!  10 years of education down and only 4 more years until they head onto the next stage of their lives (adulting).  Having arrived mid-year, I do not know the grade 8s as well as I normally would; however, I can say it is a group that will be missed by school staff.  There is a wide-range of talents and skills in this group and their receiving high schools are going to benefit from what they bring.

Thank  you for making me quickly feel at home again.  This includes students, families and staff.  To be honest, I was not entirely sure what returning would be like (having taught here previously); however, it has been such a worthwhile experience.  Some things simply have not changed.  The involvement of our students is incredible.  From the MAD (Making A Difference) Projects to the artwork created in class to the highly committed and driven sports teams to the passionately involved Concert Band to the special days such as Earth Day and Track and Field – there always seems to be something going on in the building.  Our students’ ability to make these activities a success is – frankly – extraordinary.  

One of my great joys in the day is bus arrival times, both recesses and end of day bus dismissal times.  Why?  Because these are the times I get to talk and interact with our kids at non-classroom times.  Learning about what is going on in their lives (which is a lot more than I think I had happening in my life at their age) gives great insight into who our kids are and what drives them.  Conversations range from the sports in which they are involved (everything from skiing to kick boxing) to the video games they are playing (I am not sure what they would make of my Atari 2600) to what they are reading to explaining hands-on building type stuff to me.  Our Rams are a friendly and willing to chat group.  They are also overwhelmingly a rather polite group, too.  That, of course, is a reflection of you, RHPS community.

Your kids are certainly in good hands.  Another of my great joys in the day is watching the interaction of our staff with students.  Conversations held between 8:55 and 9:10 (when kids are arriving off of busses) set the tone for the day (in a positive way).  This is a staff with an incredibly diverse range of talents and skills, too.  The accomplishments of our students noted above is in large part due to THEIR efforts; however, it would not be possible either without our staff’s skills and encouragement.

Thank you to our Parent Council for your involvement and support in the school this year.  Running hot lunches (with special thanks to Ms. Marsh who volunteers A LOT to get hot lunches out to students on Wednesdays; she is the behind the scene volunteer who makes it happen) as a fundraiser allows the Parent Council to do things like supporting year-end trips and skating at the arena.

EVERY student in our school has achieved much this year.  Take the time to celebrate their successes.  On behalf of the Rams staff, I hope your family has a fantastic summer filled with you making life-long memories.  We will see you back at school on Tuesday, September 3.

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